29 October 2004

My Daddy

As you can tell from my bitter ranting and ravings of the last few days, I've been a little bit upset. I hate being like that. I was looking at a picture of my Daddy this morning as I was getting ready for work and thinking about the kind of man he was. The word that comes to mind is integrity. He was so good, honest, straight-forward, and kind. I thought about how much he loved me. I thought about the blessings in my life that I've been given. I've been promised over and over that if I live my life worthily, I'll be blessed to find a man who is worthy of me. Someone with the integrity of the man I hold so dear. I will not settle in my life. I will not accept anything less than pure adoration. My parents were married for 22 years (I think), when my Daddy passed away. He loved my mom so much. He was crazy in love with her and always had been. He was always patient, soft spoken and kind. I took that picture of my Daddy to work with me today and I'm looking at it as I type this now. I can't tell you how calming this has been for me. Just looking at his face has reminded me of who I am and the legacy of goodness and integrity that has been passed to me. I feel so blessed.

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Grant said...

Heh... Nice. I wish I had a dad like that sometimes. Sorry about your dad, but that post was cool.

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