20 October 2004


My dumb food allergies are the bane of my existence. I've completely given up on ice cream at this point, it just isn't worth it. I have to ask at every restaurant, "What's in that?" and then clarify that I'm looking for specifics, not vague answers like, "mixed vegetables." The biggest annoyance is my adrenal fatigue. My dumb allergies are killing my adrenal system. This means I can't/don't make enough adrenaline. This means I'm tired. Um...ALL THE TIME. It doesn't help that I'm nocturnal by nature and rarely get enough sleep as it is. But even when I do, most times I feel like I've been hit by a truck when I wake up. It's so frustrating! I miss my old self. I've always been very strong and have had a lot of energy. More than I needed that's for sure. I used to be able to stay up for days. It kills me that I'm too tired to do all the things I used to do - that I have to conserve energy and pick my activities wisely. My Saturdays are spent sleeping. As long as possible. I'm very grumpy when I wake up and resent anyone and everyone who could potentially be involved in the waking. Who is this person?


Em said...

It wasn't me. But maybe it will be. It seems like the perfect thing to hold over your head. Like, "If you don't come over right now I'll wake you up early tomorrow!" Or, "Come hang out with me tonight! Don't make me come over there and wake you up early!" This could be a new beginning to a beautiful friendship.

kat said...

what CAN you eat?

Nessa said...

Basically...beans and rice.
In all their variations.

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