01 August 2005


I have made a decision.

To never say I promise.

Because there are very few promises in this world that are in our power to keep.

And very few words that one can promise that they will
never say.

I promise to never make promises and to never say never.


kat said...

i think it's good to say "i promise".
the most important things and people in our lives need commitment to them. and saying "i promise" is a verbal commitment.

but people who make promises they don't intend to keep are mean.

Erika said...

k, you promise you won't? Hee hee

flippin said...

I've felt like this before. Making intended promises, and then having something keep me from them. I once had a good friend who I'd promise to go see often, and occasionally forget. She didn't like that, and I felt bad. But, in the end, I agree with Kat.

Tiff said...

So do I.

Jena said...

I promise I will never laugh at you.

Ahahahahahaha! What was I THINKING?!

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