09 October 2005

♫ Happy Birthday to My Blog ♫

For real. It's been one whole year of blogging bliss. As you can probably tell, I'm addicted to blogging. Thank you to my dear friends who introduced me to the blogging world, Kat and Em. Kat helped me set up my blogger account one night using Em's laptop and my life has never been the same. I was already an avid journaler, this made it better and has made me more comfortable sharing my daily life with people. When I first started blogging, I was very self-concious about what I posted and how it and I would be perceived. I still edit my posts to keep them readable and somewhat interesting, but I no longer refrain from posting what's on my mind out of fear of negative perception. This has been an excellent and healthy outlet for me. And it has proved to be the best way to keep in touch with the people I love. When I started composing this post, I was thinking of all the positive that came out of blogging and remembered that it was a negative event that started all of this. I'm very glad that I've moved so far away from that experience and that while it sucked, a lot of good has come from it. I'm sure I'll have many more negative events in my life, but now I'm not afraid to share them with the world. It's healing.

Blog on ya'll.

I know I will.


scout said...

Happy blogging birthday!!!!! Wow a whole year! I wonder if I'll make it that long. I started blogging because I had to study blogs for a uni assignment. Then I got totally hooked on reading other blogs... and so it went on.
I read back to your 'negative event' and funnily enough I can totally relate to it. Bloody boys! *sigh* I thought I would remain single forever (by choice) but sometimes fate just wont let you!
Cheers hun

k@ said...

happy bloggerversary.

eddie said...

blog on--- haha. you know I am sure glad I was introduced to blogging b/c at least now I know what my professors are talking about when they refer to them.

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