08 January 2006

Check yo'self

More Facts:

~If I catch you putting anyone down, including yourself, I will put you in check. Don't ever tell one of my girls she isn't beautiful. And for future reference, every female you know is one of my girls.
~I don't believe in insecurity. I've recently given it up all together. I'm freaking fantastic in every way. And so are you.
~I don't appreciate dirty old men trying to put their hands on me. If you you see a beautiful young woman, please be respectful. Giving her the dirty eye and grabbing her arm will only bring kung fu. And the cops.
~I am sorry you are homeless, but if you are in a homeless shelter with a baby mama and two kids, hitting on me isn't flattering, it's disturbing, and it'll only get you kicked out.
~My sister cleared out a closet for me and made me a key. Cuz my mom is whack.
~I love my Grandmama. And I had dinner at her house tonight. She is the most amazing and unconditionally loving person I've ever known.
~My dad's family all know my mom is whack, but are too polite to say anything about it. Instead, I received 3 offers to let me stay at their houses.
~I'm tired. But I look good. People've been complimenting me for a week.
~I had lots to say when I sat down to type, but can't remember half of it now, and I'm tired. So I'm going home and going to bed.


Jon said...

You don't need to do your own propaganda to me. I already think you're hot.

nama said...

you are fantastic, leah! i miss you lots.

k@ said...

amen, sistah.

Tiff said...

I miss you! Will you come to Utah now that I'm back?
If I beg??

k@ said...

when i'm tired, i'm not attractive.
i'm cranky.

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