06 January 2006


I'm homesick for Florida.
I'm disappointed with my dry-climate hair.
I have a tall, dark, and handsome pen pal who my mom actually approves of.
My sister has a new last name. (She tacked it on the end, no hyphen.)
I'm signing up for latin dancing and spanish language classes.
I'm planning to head south-east as soon as I finish school (early summer of 2007).
I'm moving back out of my mom's place as FAST as possible.
I'm looking for a second job because I need money for plane tickets/Florida visits and I love my current job too much to quit.
And did I mention I'm homesick?


Lukey said...

It's good to hear that you still like your job! Happy New Year!

Beth said...

Porter Gomez is a great last name!

Happy new year!!

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