10 February 2006

Fashion Truths

♦Very few people can wear pink eyeshadow. But many do, and do it wrong. Girls, it makes you look tired.
♦Blunt bangs? ...proceed with caution.
♦The Minogue sisters scare me. So does Hillary Duff.
♦I suspect Linda Evangelista to be a man. And Mischa Barton to be a fool.
♦I think hair extensions are tacky.
♦I'm addicted to hair magazines, but always fell ripped off after I buy one. There are usually only 8 good haircuts out of 300 & even the "artistic" ones aren't attractive or appealing in any way.
♦British hair mags are full of ugly people.
♦American hair mags are full of ugly hair and makeup.
♦I think the biggest downfall of the recent Pride and Prejudice movie was the absolutely terrible hair and makeup. The lack of Colin Firth is a given.
♦Hair stylists here are incompetent.
♦I predict that short hair is coming back with a vengeance.
♦If I hear the word "boho" one more time, I'm gonna lose my mind.
♦If I see the Olson twins in one more garbage bag, I'm scheduling an intervention. Why hasn't anyone called "What Not to Wear" on them? Fire your tailor girls! Your clothes are supposed to fit!
♦I'm thinking of opening a fashion rehab clinic.
♦If one more hairstylist offers to "brighten" me up with a $75 generic blonde weave, I'm taking her license and feeding it to my cat. Or better yet, my gigantic fish.
♦When I decide to cut all my hair, I have haircuts picked out for every stage of length and I plan to work my way up.


nama said...

did you see this?

made me bust a pop.

Ritz said...

You're back!
I haven't heard you talk like this in a while.
maybe i shoould read your page more often.
Rock'em baby!

kat said...

fashion rehab?
would you call it "the betty fug clinic"?
what would the 12 steps be?

Em said...

seriously. the olson twins should be in "Derelicte" or whatever the fashion show on Zoolander was called that had people wearing garbage. If they're going for a Nightmare on Olson Street thing, they don't need the garbage bags. Their hair and freaky sunglasses alone gives me nightmares.

I love you, Leah.

annmarie said...

Fashion Truth~Leah's Hot!

Jon said...

One time, I saw this I Love Lucy episode where Fred and Rickie make dresses out of potato sacks and hats out of a wine cooler bucket and horse feed-bag to play a joke on their wives. Lucy and Ethel wore them. I thought it was really funny. Why is that show still funny? It's 50 years old!

That's all.

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