08 February 2006

It's been over a month!!!

So... I really miss blogging. But I'm internet-less and when I do borrow someone else's computer, I never have the time I need to write what I want. So I just wanted to say hello. And that I'm still alive. And that I miss my friends. But that I still love my job. And I got to sit with a lady yesterday for an hour and talk about her experiences and goals and it completely recommitted me to the cause. And then I saw a show on PBS about trafficked women. And I cried. Mightily. Because I'm sick and tired of women having to suffer so much. And in April I'm going to walk to end domestic violence and I'll post lots of information here when I get it. Because I'm going to have a web page where I'll be collecting pledge money that's going toward local shelters and everyone who reads my blog can donate! I've got to go... but I love you all and I'll write again soon!!!


Jon said...

I'm glad to know you're still alive!
I miss you too!

Penny said...

I just realized that YOU are Nessa.. lol.. awesome!

Silent Scream said...

A post a day keeps the doctor away!

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