08 April 2006

ok, finally...

Five Movies You Can Watch Over and Over:

1. "tomb raider" (1 and 2. i still don't understand why, but i love it anyway)
2. "sense and sensibility"
3. "dear frankie"
4. "while you were sleeping"
5. "twister"

Five embarrassing Songs that You Know All the Words To:

1. "i wanna be down" brandy
2. "i wanna be with you" mandy moore
3. "just one of dem days" monica
4. "i missed the bus" kris kross
5. "shoop" salt n peppa

Five Memorable Halloween Costumes:

1. pumpkin
2. gypsy
3. clown
4. cat
5. creepy person in a cloak

Five Celebrities You Believe May Secretly be Alien:

1. hilary duff
2. kylie minogue
3. danni minogue
4. my mom said nicole kidman, i say michael jackson
5. meg ryan (post plastic surgery, i think she's been kidnapped)

Five Occupations that You Know You Could Never Do:

1. plumber
2. anything in food service
3. janitor
4. nail technician
5. dental hygienist

Five Books You've Recently Read Outside of Schoolwork:

1. "we are our mother's daughters" cokie roberts
2. "when food is love" geneen roth
3. "daughters of god" michael wilcox
4. "healthy aging" dr. andrew weil
5. "possessing the secret of joy" alice walker

Five Ways to Perfectly Spend an Afternoon:

1. at the beach
2. picnic
3. helping a friend shop for foxy clothes
4. gardening (i called in one day last week and spent the day in the garden)
5. practicing the guitar

Five Lines You Blatantly Stole From a Movie, TV, a Commercial, or Song:

1. "pinchy, you don't have to take that from no dumb-ass crab" homer simpson
2. "there is no such thing as natural beauty" dolly parton, steel magnolias
3. "do, it. just do it, do it." starsky and hutch
4. my brothers just said that i'm especially quotable. more of the quotee than the quoter... "i feel good about that" -ritz
5. "shoot, i would" - leah vanessa

Not Your 5 Favorite Foods, But the 5 You're Most Likely Eating:

1. ham or turkey and spinach sandwiches
2. cranberry juice
3. hard boiled eggs
4. strawberries
5. trader joe's vegan oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. not cuz i'm vegan, cuz they're crazy delicious.

5 People who should do this:

1. Everybody already did.
2. Do it. Do it.
3. Your mom's girth is frightening.
4. My Grandma died from doing this...
5. Who am I to tell you what you should do? Well, you should brush your teeth and use deodorant, but other than that, do what you want.


nama said...

3. helping a friend shop for foxy clothes

you even do that over the phone! AMAZING!

Adam said...

Ahhh, simple things that don't take too much concentration to enjoy! Particularly cranberry juice. Mmm! Yus please.

heather said...

freakin hilarious
Me thinks you have too much time to think of all of these...well it would take me a long time.

Em said...

I love you. How's school?

Asian Lep said...

Which Sense & Sensibility?

I admit, Hilary Duff albums are my guilty pleasure.

peixe82 said...

Hi Vanessa!
Sorry for OT but I've noticed that you use the same template.How did you insert the picture right on the top of the page?I can't figure it out.

imperfect said...

hey ur funny. hows schl going?

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