29 June 2006

Hold me? Continued...

It's day four. I finally kept solid food down last night. My Granddad and my Uncle came and blessed me last night. Because I've been so miserable, I've been listening to all my comfort music, the stuff my dad listened to and sang to me as a kid. Mostly John Denver and Loggins and Messina. It's the good stuff. It's basically as effective as being held.

Good news... I received such a good haircut last week, that even though I have body odor and haven't bathed and I haven't been outside in four days, my hair is looking pretty hot. Without even trying. I'll take my little victories where I can get 'em alright?


kat said...

if i was nearby, i'd make you some ice pops.
because that's all i can handle when i'm fluish.

(did i just offer to make you ice?)

Kimberly said...

So...what does this hot haircut look like? We need pictures. :)

Dilly said...

Hope you're right as rain real soon... and love when a haircut is so good you still look hot when you're sick and smelly and disgusting.

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