02 July 2006

Ups and downs

I'm finally better!
And while we're talking about good news, my sister Reb and I are getting an apartment together. It's going to cut my commute drastically and save me a ton of money in gas. I'll be living about 3 miles from work and 25 minutes from school. Instead of 15 miles from work and 45 min to 1 hour+ from school. I'm really excited about it. We'll be moving in towards the end of the month. Hooray!
Oh yeah! I've moved on to Phase II at school and have classes downstairs now. At school yesterday, I had to practice wrapping a perm. I have never, in my life, had anything to do with perm rods. I wish that were still true. My instructor decided that since I'm nice, she'd ask me to help other people with whatever they're doing, including showing some needy boy how to roll hair onto the rods and washing hair color out of someone else's bowls while they were at lunch. I don't know why I did it. Maybe it was all the propaganda about service I've been fed my entire life. But it just made me mad by the end of the day. Because putting an entire head of long hair on perm rods and then taking them out again took me the entire day, but it needn't have. And I'm still tired from having the flu and 7 hours is a long time on your feet. At the end of the day when we were cleaning up, I asked some of the people who I'd helped for some assistance and needy boy looked at me like I was crazy. And then he motioned for me to go away. That's when I realized my mistake all day. That I'd wasted my education hours on other people. None of them would help me if I ever needed it. I looked at needy boy and said, "Never again. Just so we're clear. Do not under any circumstances ask me for a moment of my time again. Because I'm not doing anything for you." I'm going to have to let my instructor know next week that unless she's giving me a cut of her paycheck, I'm not going to help her do her job.


Beth said...

Good for you...I'm the same. I'll help out anyone, but the nanosecond I see them taking advantage of me it stops.

Glad you're better!

Em said...

Hurray for you being better!

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