10 June 2006


Whenever I go to the grocery store and a man bags my groceries, he will put everything in one bag. Because he thinks that logically, he's doing me a favor. If it all fits in one bag, I only have one bag to carry. And he's usually really proud of himself and will even say something like, "There you go, I made it easy for you, have a nice day." But if it weighs 75 pounds, I can't lift it. But thanks tho'. How 'bout you make it convenient for you to carry and then carry it to my car, drive me home, and take it in my house and unload the 2 weeks worth of groceries that you somehow managed to tetris into that one bag, and then give me a pedicure? Now that's service.

On another note... Everytime I hear Josh Turner sing those notes in that very low register, I get butterflies in my stomach. There's just something about a man that can sing like that. It's the whole Barry White thing. It's crazy sexy. If you can sing that low, call me. Seriously. I'll marry you just for that.

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Brandi Johnson said...

i listened to that song a lot today. My baby loves to hear it. I still need to talk to you.

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