10 June 2006

Pretty's for Suckers

Once someone is past the age of 21, they aren't pretty anymore. Pretty is for little girls. They're beautiful, or striking, or breathtaking, or boring, or... different, but not pretty. I am not pretty. I am something else. Something Better. I spend 7 hours a day in front of a mirror as part of my education. And I like it. Because I'm vain. And I really like myself. And you can think what you like about it, but I've earned it.

"You have such a pretty face." Translation: You're fat, but I'm trying really hard not to notice and so I'm gonna make up a compliment to make myself feel better about it. At least disguise your fake compliments better.

Seriously people. Stop acting so surprised that my legs are so gloriously white or that I'm so confident about my body. Body love is a choice. I've forced myself to face myself nude in a mirror and tell myself that I love me and that I'm beautiful, etc. More than once. I have worked hard to change the negative body image that was ingrained by everyone in my life. My mom told me for years that I was pretty, but that boys would like me better if I was skinny. Not true. Boys like you better if you like yourself. And they didn't like me when I didn't like myself and now that I do, they come around. I just don't always like them back. Big deal. I'm waiting for a man who feels the same way about himself.

Sorry ya'll, the hormones/sleepy combo is making me a little bit feisty today. I almost sat on the floor and cried in Trader Joe's today because they stopped making my shaving cream. I've been using it for a really long time and I can't go back to shaving cream in a can. It just doesn't compare. And I really want to show off my gorgeous milky legs at church tomorrow. Oh well. Tomorrow I will have gotten LOTS of sleep, so I should be fine.

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