05 July 2006

Monkey see... monkey do...

To copy Em:

I put in several pictures cuz the website said to so you can see which pictures come up the most often.

Eva Herzigova came up the most. Usually 70% or more.
Liv Tyler 75%
Mena Suvari 74%
Carole Lombard 73%
Angelina Jolie 72%
Ava Gardner 72%
Jean Harlow 72%
Rachel Leigh Cook 71% is another one that showed up lots.
Christian Slater 70%
Halle Berry 66%
Jackie Kennedy Onassis 64%

So, how do I look like all of these people? I don't. But I'm vain and I like that so many gorgeous people popped up.

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Ann-Marie said...

you are gorgeous!!

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