21 July 2006

Stuck up

I had a needle in my forehead today. And it wasn't administering botox or collagen or anything else like that. It actually felt good and I was really calm afterward. My acupuncturist, thenceforward referred to as "A-punk", told me that it releases endorphins similar to a runner's high. I liked it a lot. I also had needles in my legs and feet, abdomen, and arms. When I gave him a run down of my medical history and the type of care I've received, he was horrified. Yeah dude, welcome to year 26 of medical incompetence. But he offered a lot of solutions and made me feel confident that I will be feeling better sooner than later. He did warn me that the first week of the detox I'm going on will be hell, but that I can call him anytime it gets too hard and he'll help me. My sister is going to do it too. Just to clarify, the "detox" is basically eating only hypoallergenic foods (steamed veggies and fruit and rice protein shakes) for two weeks to clean my system out and then in the third week, reintroducing foods by family to see what is causing me to react. This is a pretty common thing doctors have their patients do, it's usually referred to as the "food elimination diet." Finding out what's hurting you through the process of elimination. A-punk told me that if my fatigue doesn't start to improve on this system, that we'll do blood work to check on my adrenal function and we'll go from there. I feel relieved. It's nice to be validated and to find people who believe me and are willing to help me get better.


Beth said...

I had acupuncture last year and the one thing I remember clearly about it was laying with my eyes closed while she put the needles in, then slowly opening my eyes to peek when she'd left the room. My first reaction was to gasp with shock and then a split second later, I remembered that its ok..they're supposed to be in there.

Good luck with the detox!!

Leah Vanessa said...

Thanks. Oh I almost forgot, my sis says not to call him an acupuncturist, he's a doctor of traditional chinese medicine. My bad. I'm still gonna call him "A-punk".

Em said...

Oh, I've had nice doctors that listen to me and really try to help me. Wait... no I haven't!

Dilly said...

I am facinated by this; as you know from my site I have had some serious issues with my stomach and lately extreme fatigue and being winded, though not sure why. It's like the more I exercise the worse shape I am in.

Good luck to you! I hope this solves are your woes!

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