04 September 2006

Giddy with glee

Things are still good. Still no internet, which really stinks. I'm still going through the process of testing foods. It's slow going because I can only test one food every 3 days. I've had some really bad reactions to unexpected things and have been fine with things I was sure would make me sick. It's an adventure. My doctor gave me the green light on sushi and I'm giddy with glee. Anyway, enough about that. I'm really posting to wish all my friends with birthdays in September a Happy Birthday. I'm not gonna lie, I don't remember the days, I just know that Chris, Corey, Jon and Ryan all have September birthdays. So Happy Birthday ya'll! And Happy Birthday to everyone else I've forgotten who are getting Old this month. I love ya'll for real tho'.

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eddie said...

good to hear things are on the up! but then you do a good job at looking up at things.

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