20 March 2007


I'm working on tagging and organizing all my old posts. Stay tuned, it's an ever-evolving process.

I really really want Joss Stone's new album, Introducing Joss Stone. So I think I'm going to buy it for myself this week - to reward myself for being so great. I'm mightily disapointed in her current hair-do, but what-evah, I'm disappointed in my current hair-do. If she's feelin' it, I'll leave it alone.

In other news, I found out that The Crazy lives around here now - and that technically he's in my ward boundaries, but he hasn't shown his ugly self yet. No worries though, if he does show up, he's gonna take one look at the powerful goddess that I've become since then and run for his Crazy life! Sucker.

Joss Stone

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