29 September 2007

I may or may not be...

Excited for the Relief Society Broadcast tonight.
Participating in multiple community events for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
Wishing for a real autumn. 80 degrees doesn't cut it.
Working hard and doing well at work.
Fighting the beginnings of a cold.
Longing to travel.
Desperately wanting to start a band.
Avoiding institute a.k.a. Mormon meat markets.
Teaching Relief Society tomorrow with a sore throat and the sniffles.
Wishing I lived somewhere cold enough to wear a sweater.
Contemplating giving up on dating altogether and just adopting.
Wondering why LDS guys are so very lazy.
Baffled as to why 30 year old men still consider hanging out a viable option for a Friday night.
Wanting to throw out half my wardrobe and go on a fall spree to acquire lots of tweed, cashmere sweaters the colors of fall leaves, and riding boots.
Wasting time on impossible crushes.
Planning a fantastic Halloween party for the shelter.

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