05 October 2007

Random thoughts while shopping...

I'm divorcing polyester. Seriously. It has its place, in small amounts, blended with natural fibers. But polyester just looks like polyester. I don't understand why it's used to line other clothing since it doesn't breathe. It might just be my mission in life to rid my friends and family members' closets of the offending material. Today I bought beautiful fawn-colored wool tweed pants even though it's still 90 degrees outside. It's fall! In the last few years, my fashion sense has evolved considerably. I think I have good fashion, but as we all know, good fashion is relative.

I'm really picky about fabrics and can touch a garment and tell you whether it will hold its shape, how well it will keep its finish and color, and whether or not it's been priced correctly. My mom taught me; she made our Sunday clothes and always took me fabric shopping with her. I love natural fabrics and because of this, I spend a lot of time ironing, even though I hate it. Linen is my all-time favorite material.

I went shopping today after work. I don't think I'm the typical shopper. I don't like to shop very often, but when I shop, I usually make a day of it and peruse stores for a long time making sure I don't miss anything. I try absolutely everything on that catches my eye and take my time thinking about how it will work in my life. Sometimes I impulse buy and take things home I don't really need and will never wear, but mostly I come home with some seriously great loot and I'm not afraid to return things. I also receive clothing catalogues from my favorite places and I look through them and dog-ear the pages of things I like. I then look for similar items online and compare prices, fabric content, etc. I shop seasonally and don't do much shopping outside of those 4 trips a year.

I generally don't follow current trends and I prefer classic shapes, clean lines, and refined details. I love wide-legged trousers that are men's wear inspired with deep pockets. Creased, but no pleats - think Katherine Hepburn. I LOVE pencil skirts, tailored white shirts, tailored collared shirts in pretty colors, and clean tees with good shape in all the colors of the rainbow. I happen to think my simple, thin black rubber flip-flops go with everything. I know some of you just cringed... that's my personal faux pas that I will rock until I die. I said thin, simple and black. Please know, I think platform flip flops are a crime against fashion. I love pretty wedge-heels and have to keep myself in check or I would buy them exclusively. I love peep-toe shoes, stiletto heels, and D'Orsay styles. I like the look of patent leather, but I don't wear it and was really aggravated that there were so many patent shoes on sale today when trying to find shoes. I want warm buttery leather in the fall and winter.

I'm still looking for my riding boots.

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