25 August 2010

Finally! Wedding Photos!

As promised, here are some photos from my wedding. 4 months isn't too late is it? I am married to the most wonderful man. I realize that I haven't posted much about him or our relationship. Mostly because my life has been a whirlwind since he showed up. A good whirlwind. But it's also because so much about this relationship and this process has been so deeply personal and sacred to me that I've not wanted to put it out there for the whole world.

It's funny how I have written extensively about what I wanted and needed in my life and now I look back and see that all of those things have come to me. Not because I was interviewing men with a checklist in hand; of course there were certain things I was looking for and paying attention to when I met Grit, but it wasn't until I was really in it that I realized how perfectly well suited to me he is. I know that God had a good deal to do with bringing us together. He knew who and what I needed. I've looked back on some of my old posts about what I wanted and needed and there Grit was. It hasn't been all daisies and roses. Honestly, this relationship has been the most labor-intensive I've ever had. So much communication and evaluation and compromise. Ritz knows me better than most people and pointed out to me that she'd never seen me so willing to put the effort in to make it work. Best friends who put things into perspective for you rock.

Remember this post? When we were getting really serious, I looked back at that post and that's what really helped me reach out and open myself completely to this man. That's when I knew that this man was the answer to so many prayers. We both knew, almost in the exact same moment, that we wanted to spend our lives together. So cheesy, yet so true.

So here we are! Enjoy the photos! All of these were taken by Jean Paul Gomez - a very talented photographer and my brother-in-law! He's based out of Orlando, FL - holler if you need some photos taken! (click on them to make them big)

We're all geeked out with happiness!
My siblings are on the left, his are on the right.
Cheeks was a little overwhelmed by the whole situation. La Ritz the Maid of Honor of the Year! is in the foreground.
My amazing sisters and sister-in-law put this GORGEOUS thing together in my Mama's kitchen the day before the wedding. They did all of the flowers.
It was such a sunny day some of the guests got sunburns! It wasn't hot, just really bright!
I love the cactus shot. That's the good 'ole desert for you.
Dapper Man.
This is the bench where he proposed to me!
Geeky gross love. :)
Boodji and Cheeks were cutting a rug for hours. This is them warming up the dance floor before the guests arrived.
Boodji and Peaches
We held the reception in my Uncle's beautiful back yard.

I designed the tables and my Mama and sisters put it all together. They were so very great, I couldn't have done any of it without them!!!
Our wedding party was basically these little monkeys and their baby sister.
Peaches LOVES her Uncle Grit!

We had key-lime pie instead of a cake.
By the time we hit the dance floor my shoes were long gone.
Workin' it.


Beth said...

Those are gorgeous photos, you both look so happy!

Your dress is so pretty, I love the blue...and how amazing are the flowers?

I think the nicest thing about it is that there wasn't a whole lot of pretense to the day - just you and your loved ones celebrating. That's exactly how it should be.

Lots of love and best wishes to you both!


Leah Vanessa said...

Thank you so much Beth!

kat said...

you made a beautiful bride! i'm not even a little bit surprised.

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