28 August 2010

Gone baby gone!

I'd been craving a change for a while and kept my hair long until the wedding passed. About 3 weeks after the wedding Grit got tired of me whining about my hair and handed me the phone to call my stylist. Usually I mull over a big change for a few months while I sort through photos but after the call I had less than 24 hours to decide. I pulled a photo out of a folder I'd been saving since my days at hair school and went to my appointment the next morning. My stylist, AJ, said that brides always come to chop all their hair off about 3 weeks after the wedding! I couldn't be happier with my short hair and don't know what took me so long!

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Nama said...

Seriously, Nessa; you've got the hotness. I admire your bravery! I don't think I could bring myself to chop off that much of my hair.

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