30 July 2010

We're shopping for a new computer. We have one rickety old desktop and two terribly old laptops that are of very little use to us. Something's got to give! I can't live without a computer right now in my life. I read so many blogs that I love and we both use the computer for EVERYTHING from online budgeting to recipe finding and how-to videos and Grit is about to start school... it's time.

Grit has finally decided to major in electrical engineering. He wants to get involved with solar technology. I'm all for it. I'm pretty much all for whatever he wants to do. I'm still slowly working on my Doula certification. We're trying to decide how much schooling he wants to do here before we move out East. We both really want to move - we're just worried about jobs and not having family close by. It'll be a big and scary leap for us, but we're going to try to do it next Spring.

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