28 November 2010

Another haircut and good news!

I'm loving having short hair again, it's so much fun. These are from an impromptu photo shoot in my bathroom. They aren't the best quality, but I like 'em. Thanksgiving was great. Grit and I spent it with my mom and siblings at my mom's house. I really love my family. Everyone is so chill - most of the time. Since it's going to be our first Christmas married, we're making plans to do our own thing and have been talking a lot about the traditions we want to start as a family. The one tradition we want to carry on from both of our families is to spend part of the day outdoors. My family always went to the beach for the afternoon and his went snow skiing. Here in the desert, we're going to go for a hike. I'm really looking forward to it!

In even better news: I finally got a new job. After putting up with a lot of crap from my former employer for nearly 2 years, I'm going back into social services. I started last week and I love it so far. I have a lot to learn since my social service experience has been working with the homeless population and victims of crime. My new position is working with foster families. I'll be helping families through the process of getting licensed and acting as a support and advocate. I was beginning to get really discouraged since I have been actively applying and interviewing for jobs for 2 years and nothing worked out. I even had an interview where they told me I was their favorite candidate and that they'd get back to me ASAP and I still didn't get it. When I found this job, I nearly didn't apply because it had been on a job board for more than a month and in this economy that usually means it's already been filled. I kept going back to it though and they called me 45 minutes after I emailed them my resume. I interviewed a week later and although it went really well, they said they had more interviews to do and would get back to me the week after Thanksgiving. They called me 3 hours later! and asked me to come back the next day (Thursday) for a second interview. The second interview went better than the first and after it was over I stayed for about 20 more minutes just laughing and joking with the team that interviewed me. Again, they said they'd get back to me after Thanksgiving. The next day (Friday) I sent a thank you email for the opportunity to interview with them and they called me 20 minutes later to offer me the job. I was over the moon! I started the following Monday and tomorrow will be my second week with them. As I was leaving the second interview, I understood why God took a little while to answer this particular prayer. I'd been praying for the very specific things I needed in a job. A regular 9-5, no weekends, full benefits, good pay, respectful of family time, respectful and appreciative of my abilities, wonderful work atmosphere, awesome co-workers, no more than 10 miles from home, working in a field a can feel good about. When you get specific, sometimes you have to wait, but let me tell you, God answers prayers. I feel as though this job was made for me. He knows me, knows not only my needs, but my wants and has truly blessed us.


Nama said...

It's so wonderful when things work out. I'm so happy for you, Leah!

And your hair is stinkin' hot. :)

brittani c. said...

Your new cut looks SO good on you. It fits your personality perfectly too. Congrats on the new job!

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