08 December 2010

What's with the difficult?

Life is hard blog friends. I'm trying so hard to embrace the Christmas spirit. I have a beautiful little Christmas tree in my bedroom that needs some decorating. I've put plans in place to make the Season about family and God and not about stuff. I announced to my family that we are not giving gifts, but are making plans to be together and all are welcome to join. (Reactions are a mixed bag - some people only want loot - whaddya gonna do?) There have just been some big kinks in the master plan as of late. My new job is great. Everyone is so very nice and helpful and I'm learning a lot. The only downside is that in the 3 weeks I've been there, I've been sick the whole time. I've missed 4 days of work. I feel awful and feel even worse asking for time off since I want so badly to be there learning and getting to know everyone and everything. I'm taking antibiotics now and have developed massive hives because of it. The joy just keeps rolling in, let me tell you. On top of all this, there is an unexpected trial that recently came on the scene that is making life so very hard. I'm really trying to focus on the blessings. I'm grateful for supportive friends and family. Ritz has let me call any time day or night and always gives the best advice. My Mom made me mulled cranberry juice and chicken soup from scratch after I showed up on her doorstep unexpectedly last night and then listened to my woes for many hours. I'm grateful for a wonderful new job. I'm grateful to have a place to live and to have all of the things I need. I'm grateful for a loving God and for His church. I'm sure there are so many more things I should be grateful for, but I'm spent. I hope to be back soon with more cheer. Thanks for listening!

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