08 February 2011

Well hello there

Hi friends. I've been reading so many blogs lately and completely neglecting mine. I've been feeling very nest-ish and really house hungry. I'm so over apartment life. Since Grit is still a full time student and we aren't planning to settle here long term, a house is pretty much out of the question. We're looking for a guest house or a town house to rent since our lease is up at the end of this month. I've really liked our little place, but we've been battling with mold since we moved in and it's been causing asthma problems for both of us. Also, all the windows are on one side of our apartment so we can never get a good cross breeze when the weather is nice. I've been looking at tons of interior design blogs and getting ideas for decorating small spaces. When we first moved in I didn't care what it looked like. I was busy trying to learn how to be married and we were trying to figure out how to merge two lives so decorating was not a big priority. Now that we're so much more settled together, I'm obsessed with organizing and decorating our space. I've recently gotten rid of tons of clothes and random things that have been sitting around in boxes for too long. It feels good to purge. We looked at a great little guest house close by that we loved, but they were asking a more than we can afford. We talked them down some, but in the end they wouldn't come down enough to make it worth our while. We'd be moving into a space with 110 sq ft less space with practically no storage for $150 more than we're paying now. We asked him to come down $100 and he'd only do $50. We're still looking. Wish us luck!


Kirsten said...

ugh looking for a place to live... sooo stressful. good luck with that. i am always trying to throw stuff out. we've got 910 square feet and my sister just moved in and we had a baby... lets say, we are alittle more cramped.

Jena said...

I love the new look and layout!

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