29 March 2011

Engagement Story

We took this right after he proposed!
I'm posting a more detailed version of our engagement story that I shared on Jena's blog. I was so busy with wedding planning and trying not to kill family members that I really only ever posted an abbreviated version. Here you go! I adore my husband and our wedding anniversary is on Easter Sunday this year!

Garrett and I decided 5 months before the actual engagement that we wanted to get married but decided to wait before becoming "official" so his family would stop freaking out that it was too soon. We even ordered my turquoise ring and he had it stashed for the perfect moment. We went to the temple every week together and had a special spot on the grounds in the garden under a tree where we literally spent hours talking and dreaming together.

Garrett is really awful at surprises (which is part of his charm). So even though going to walk around the temple on a Sunday afternoon wasn't out of the ordinary, his behavior was, so I was pretty sure it was the day. We went to our spot and by some odd coincidence, the bench had been removed for repair, so there was a perfect place for him to kneel down.

Poor guy seemed so nervous that I pretended to be checking for new flowers while he got the ring out and got down on one knee. I totally pretended to be surprised, but I was very very happy! We both cracked up and we both cried and it was great! We still go to our spot and laugh about that time when I pretended to be surprised. He's still awful at surprises, but he's awesome! Our one year anniversary is on Easter!

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