29 March 2011

Big Cosmic Sucker Punch

Regular blogging is forthcoming. I promise! I have so many thoughts I want to share. I'm unplugging all day tomorrow and I'm going to miss my best friend, the internet, but it should be nice. It's just going to be for one day... we'll see.

I'm right in the thick of a horrible "episode" of chronic fatigue and it's literally running my life. It took me a few hours to wash a sink full of dishes today because I needed lots of breaks. I'm just spending a lot of time resting and trying to get better. As of last week I'm unemployed so I'm taking the time to heal. We just hope we can afford for me to do so. I'm also praying about and mulling over whether or not I need to take legal action against my former employer for discrimination and unfair dismissal. I don't feel like I have the energy for it right now. But can you really fire someone with a chronic condition for missing work and then tell them that you'll hire them back when they aren't sick anymore because they do such a great job when they're at work? Hello? Chronic condition. Been diagnosed for 10 years now. It's not going away. 

Grit has been so amazing. He's so patient and gentle and gives me so much encouragement. I feel so bad when he has to do things for me because the poor guy has so much on his plate. He's a full time student, he works, and he's got a wife who is an invalid right now. I will pretty much do anything he asks me for the rest of my life because he's been so incredible through the past two months of this. 

I'm just focusing on little tasks each day and truly taking the time to rest and I've got my fingers crossed that this big cosmic sucker punch passes soon.

Here's hoping.


Nama said...

Oh, Nessa. I'm so sorry to hear about all of this badness. Rest up, my friend. Good things are surely around the corner!

Jena said...

You posted!!! I LOVE you!!! But oh honey-I didn't know you had that! I'm so sorry!!! Is there anything that helps? Books? Ice cream? Spinach?

I'd call and at least see what a lawyer thinks. That dismissal bites.

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