04 April 2011

Auntie Time

My sister called me this morning to see if I could hang out with "Peaches" for a little while. I'm always game to hang with this hilarious little nugget. She'll be three in July and talks a mile a minute. I told her we could have some girl time. We painted our nails and she did all of her own makeup - which was hilarious. I handed her a palette of about a dozen lip colors and a lip brush and she went to town. We looked at her baby pictures on the computer, took a walk around the neighborhood, and just had an all-around good time. I love this kid.

Very focused.

She loved it and would NOT let me touch it up for her.

The blush had sound effects that sounded like the "Zs" in Zsa Zsa Gabor. I call this her Anna Nicole face.

Blush on my neck? Don't mind if I do.

She kept giving me these super serious looks and when I asked why she didn't smile, she told me she was feeling serious. Diva. 

She hooked me up too. She was thrilled when she arrived and we were both wearing pink sun-dresses.

So proud.

I found Uncle Grit's candy! Bliss!

Checking out the backyard. She was concerned that we don't have toys back there.

This one is my favorite.

I love how determined she is. She knew right where she wanted to go.

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