19 May 2005

Sorry 'bout that...

Thanks for all the supportive comments and emails I've gotten. I love ya'll like crazy. I'm much better today. I was totally exhausted last night, but I couldn't sleep a wink. I took the time to think about things and put things into perspective. I only had to work for 30 minutes today, so I've just been home chillin and doing my own thing. I realized that a lot of my frustration last night was compounded by low blood sugar and dehydration. Today I am hydrated, fed, and a little bit more rested, and things are ok. I was randomly reading horoscopes again today and mine actually happened to apply. I laughed when I read it. I decided to post it here.

April 19 - May 19
You're obviously struggling with something big, dear Taurus. People's recent comments on your irritability are well founded. But don't worry, they'll forgive you eventually. In the meantime, do what you can to control your temper tantrums today. They stem for your current fears, which seem to be multiplying exponentially. Blame the current situation on the planets, and accept it as a lesson on the path to self-realization...

My mom is bringing me a trifle (READ: More pudding), and my sister, Big Mama, is gonna make dinner tonight, I got an adorable card in the mail from my Grandma, and an E-card from my B.F.F., Tara.
Everything is fine.
I love you guys!
Thanks for being so supportive!

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