05 August 2007

Music to my heart.

At my essence, I am a homebody. I don't mind spending my Friday or Saturday nights hanging at home by myself or with my family. Lately I find myself turning down my friends' invitations in favor of spending the weekend at my mom's. My nephews are usually there and we play in the sprinklers, eat popsicles, read stories, make messes, and my favorite part: we sing together. Boodji and Cheeks are both natural singers and can follow any song after hearing it only once. I usually end up sleeping over there as Cheeks won't go to sleep without me if I'm anywhere in the house and I usually fall asleep curled up nose to nose with him, his little fingers wrapped tight around mine. Last night my Mom, my sis Mojo, Boodji, Cheeks and I all lay in a heap on my mom's bed singing lullabies. I love singing with my family. It makes me feel solid and grounded. It reminds me that I am a singer. It's in my blood. I never sound better than when harmonizing with the familiar voices that have the same tone and timbre as my own. And I love waking up in a tangle of arms and legs.

I haven't done much singing outside of family stuff since I moved here. Nothing like when I was in Provo singing in church with friends and with Joe, Moydie and Austin. I've missed it. I nearly forgot that I am a singer until Ritz moved here last week and pulled out all the old songs. I haven't even sung "Dirty Man" in more than two years! I know, it's shocking. Even more shocking is that I haven't sung my signature song, "Wonderful World" in just as long. I'm determined to start singing regularly again. I miss it. It's a really good outlet for me. I might even go so far as to take some proper singing lessons. We'll see.

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