31 July 2008


Not this again. My fatigue problem is rearing it's ugly head. It never ceases to take me by surprise. I've been dealing with it on various levels since my teens, so it's nothing new, but when it goes away I'm really good about putting it behind me. I have at least one bad "episode" a year, usually two. I've seen different types of doctors: Allopaths, Naturopaths, and Acupuncturists. I've tried vitamins, herbs, diet, and exercise. You name it, I've probably tried it. I even went to a psychiatrist several years ago. He told me that I had the physical symptoms of depression, but not the emotional symptoms. Duh. My body systems are obviously being depressed. But why? He put me on meds, (it was worth a shot) but it made things worse. Fatigue is the bane of my existence. I had a ton of blood drawn yesterday and my "regular" doctor is testing me for a dozen different things, since I've been dealing with this for so dang long. It's been more than 10 years now. It's ridiculous. I've only been to work one day this week and have been resting and gently exercising. Luckily, my boss is really supportive. But I've got bills to pay so something's gotta give.

In other news... it's Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. I love it. Sharks are my absolute biggest fear and Jaws is the scariest movie EVER. But I love them and have a crazy fascination with them. They're my real-life boogie men.

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Kayla said...

You Rock my World. In regards to your previous post, the RSP is taking a copy of it to show the bishop. We all got a kick out of it. Men like that are so hard to come by.

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